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If you have Internet access, we can remotely work with you on your computer or walk you through the setup of your home network.

For a trial run give us a call and talk to a trained computer expert on what it might take to get you up and running faster than ever.

We will be sure you are happy and then you will know we are just a phone call away.

To begin with your computer problem solving session,  just give us a call at our toll free number or click on the "Request an Expert" button. Our friendly Staff will help you start the journey to trouble free computing.

It is as simple as this, you have a problem, you want your computer cleaned up or you want some training. You then call our Toll Free number and one of the Professionals at our office will give you a 6 digit pin number to connect to one of our Computer Experts.

Within a few minutes, our Technician is off and doing the work so your computer will work the way it should.
Call us for a free quote and remote diagnostic of your computer.

We can remove Virus infections, speed up your computer and just fix annoying problems.

You will understand our Techs and we are always fair with billing.
Real People...Real Solutions.
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Any Questions please email us at  tcm@thecomputermechanics.com