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  • Cloud Services and Networking

  • Networking for your Home or Office

    We all share information every day without even thinking about it.  From pictures to music to data,  we can network your family's computers so you can share files, information and printers across your entire home.  No jump drive required!

    We can do the same for your Business so that all of your important data can be accessed and shared.  It puts your data in a "common" place so that proper backups can be implemented.  File and Printer Sharing is a must for any business!

    We offer competitive pricing for both home and business network setup.  We also offer support contracts to businesses to maintain those networks and ensure for smooth operation and correct backup procedures.  Your data is important!

    Cloud computing

    Cloud computing has quickly become the most talked about thing in the computer industry and for many people is still a big mystery.  It doesn't have to be.

    The greatest thing about cloud computing is its simplicity.  An environment where the data is housed and backed up on a remote server making it available to you anywhere you have an internet connection.  Most cloud applications like QuickBooks Online and Office 365 work on your mobile devices as well.

    Fell free to call us at (905) 571-2552 and discuss your current needs and decide if moving to "the cloud" is right for you!